Window Ship

It flies side to side and forwards and backwards. I love this kid's imagination!


Best Little Buddies

"Bake" and "Eastie"
 They seriously scream and run to each other when we see them!


Our Trip in Grant's Words and Pictures

Since Grant missed school while we were back east his teacher had him keep a journal each day.  I thought it was cute to see what the highlight of each day was for him!

 We aren't supposed to help them wish spelling...Massuchoosis sounds like a fun place to visit :)

And I always love ackwaureeums!


These Two!

Today was Easton's second birthday...he and Blake are best buddies and watch out world when these two figure out the trouble they can cause together!



Grant finished all 40 Super Books and all 22 sight word lists.  He has had an amazing year of kindergarten...he has amazing friends, the best teacher and has learned so much!  He is totally reading and just loves school!

These are from two different days but I guess he's wearing the same outfit, ha!



We finally caught the stupid raccoon that has been living our attic off and on for the last two winters!  It was HUGE!!  Chad was so proud :)


Blake's First Haircut!

Some before pictures

 Playing some tennis before the big haircut
 He was not a fan of the clippers

 Still not too impressed

 All three with haircuts, it always makes them look so much older!


5 Boys!

We watched Caleb and Easton for a night and it was BUSY!


Nice Weather!

We didn't have a super cold winter and obviously almost no rain but it's been nice to have longer days and spend more time outside, even doing homework!


Blake at My Gym

Blake finally started My Gym and he LOVES it!

This picture is totally blurry but I love how Grant is so excited to watch Blake running around!

 A little unsure of space flight

 Super into the story!