March 10 on 10

Stretching after booty camp...but it really felt like 4 because of the time change the night before!
I tried not to drink caffeine for a couple weeks and it really didn't do change anything, good or bad.  So now I just have my one cup of coffee every morning and I love it!
Had to wake this sweet boy up for school
Working in Grant's class
Working on his rhyming words book
Spying on him at recess.  He has the sweetest friends!  I will be sad when this group of boys is inevitably split up next year.
Blake enjoying his cheetos at lunch!
Back home and the boys having some kind of race in the street.
Waiting at the dermatologist.  I have been breaking out like a teenager!!
Chad was cleaning off the basketball court and the boys of course found the mud!
One extra picture...Blake was SO mad that I wouldn't let him in when he was all muddy.

ten on ten button


Christmas in Santa Barbara

On Saturday we picked the boys up in Burbank and headed to SB to do Christmas with the Abby famliy

The weather was amazing!

We went on a long walk and the kids found an octopus!
Chad and Chris paddling

These two!


Only Child!

It was so fun to just spend some time with Blake.  He's so sweet when he gets all of our attention!  And one kid was sooooooooo easy!


Christmas Day is Here!

It was quite the wait and countdown for Christmas this year!  There was lots of anticipation on what Santa was going to bring!

 I love Christmas jammies!
 Listening to daddy reading the Christmas story before we opened presents.

Digging into their stockings

Helping Blake open his tool bench
They were sooooo excited for their Leap Pads!

All Cale really said he wanted was a "light pet" and they had them at Costco so it was perfect.
Blake was not happy that they were helping him open his presents!

A bunch of balls to play with outside
One last present in the office from Grammy and Pops (love them holding hands)!

It's a foosball, pool, ping pong and air hockey table.  They love it!
After a quick breakfast we headed down to Laura and Brian's to do Christmas there.

 The Brown/Titus/Abby/Miller/Glidewell gang
We went home with just Blake...Grant and Cale went to spend a few days at Grammy and Pops' house!