Last Days of Summer

Just the little ones for the weekend and we got to drive in daddy's "speed car" while he was gone camping with Grant
Grant loved camping and especially fishing!  They caught a bunch of fish which always makes it more fun.
Getting the filthy car washed
Cale actually napped one day, even if it was just on the couch, I'll take it!
On the way to free play at My Gym, Grant is super excited about his new booster and I am excited to have him back in the middle so that Cale and Blake don't bother each other
Yogurt with the "three girls"
We got to go meet Grant's kindergarten teacher and he and Brayden are in the same class!  They made themselves at home right away and got out some plastic bugs to play with.
And then they of course found a real bug!
Cale got to go meet his teacher at preschool.  We are all soooooo excited for him to start!
He is going to love it!
And I was having my own quiet time in my room while the boys were "watching" America's Funniest Videos and it was really quiet out there.  I came out to this!  I think summer completely wiped them out.

One last swim party/BBQ.  I love this pool!
Daddy was gone for the weekend so we had ice cream for dinner
 Blake is so good at putting things away, he was gathering up the LEGOS and putting them in here
 I love when he puts his blankie right up to his mouth and nose
 Practicing his dental skills
 Playing lots of games to wait up for daddy to get home on the last night of summer!

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